Gascony Landscape

Gascony Landscape

The ancient rolling landscape of the Gers is dominated by rich agricultural fields of vines and sunflowers, interspersed with old oak woodlands and sleepy fortified hilltop towns and villages. Labelled the "Tuscany of France" this stunning area enjoys a wonderful climate and a peaceful slow pace of life.

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 The countryside benefits from lovely vistas, with long views over miles of rolling, hazy, peaceful farmland towards the distant Pyrenees to the south. The roads, and many footpaths, are quiet and free from traffic, enabling one to slowly meander by car, bicycle or foot. Fields are usually unfenced allowing one to stop below an ancient oak tree and enjoy the peace and tranquility overlooking the vines.   

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The region benefits from a wonderful climate, long hot summers with short winters, mild in comparison to other areas, enable the land to grow a wide variety of crops including maze, sunflowers, wheat, onions and garlic.

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Relatively unchanged over the years it is not hard to see why many who come to Gascony find it hard to leave.   

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